R.N Notes #2: The Confessions of a Newbie Nurse

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hey girl!

How was your first duty working as a nurse? I am not referring to the duty hours we have spent during our nursing curriculum in the university where we have our buddies in a group. I am talking about the actual days of working as a newcomer in a progressive medical center. I wish I wrote this sooner here so I can still grasp the full details of what is like to be in that situation. I am working as a full-time staff nurse for quite sometime now, and as the years past, I can see the same situations that I, myself, deal as a newbie in the hospital. That is why I wrote this for you to know that you are not alone in a new chapter you are entering.

1. It feels like you don't know everything.

After you passed the incredibly huge exam of your life so far, the board exams, you get into the hiatus of being a post-graduate taking your time spending no more days of studying and resting for months at home or going into long vacation without any commitment at all. After that, you take some time attending to seminars needed to be qualified on your first job as a nurse. Then on the day before your first day at work, you feel like cramming on an exam trying to review the fundamentals of what you have studied in your entire course. The feeling is mutual for us newbies. We still don't know exactly what to expect at this moment that is why we are anxious to at least know-it-all. Calm down! The catch is, as you go along with your actual work in the hospital, the experience you gained in a day-to-day situration will make a mark on you that will be helpful in your practice. You can't instantly master it all at once. Learn everyday. Everything will fall into place and you will be amazed how these writen facts in our thick nursing books were as not as heavy as the burden of bringing it to our bags during our nursing days. If you know what I mean.

2. Learn to be versatile.

The nature of being a nurse is to adapt to change. Every duty is unpredictable and there are instances that we will be challenge by the circumstances. As a newcomer, we have to be a keen observer of what is happening around us, since we are dealing with everything new. Some situations can happen not only once. Learn how to deal with it, so the next time you encounter it you know how to handle that specific affair. Also, as a part of the training process (may vary in some institution), the new set of nurses are assigned in different areas to evaluate where they excel and most likely to specialize when the time they are ready. The best area for a newcomer? Wards. The basics are always best to learn first. I tell you, you still have a lot to learn. So for now, master taking the vitals first. Oh! Before I forget, the shifting schedule will now be part of your system so get ready for a ruined body clock as well.

3. Don't hesitate to ask.

You are still unsure of your every move so better ask your seniors, The truth is that your senior nurse will be more comfortable working with you if they know you always ask and get an approval before doing an unsure task. As a beginner, you will ask some silly questions. It is totally fine. As long as you learn from it and don't do this all the time because for sure, some of your seniors might be annoyed too if you keep asking same silly question. Take confidence in your every actions and communicate well with your colleagues. You have done this before. You can do this!

4. Take notes.

I know! You are not a student anymore and you are now a full-pledge nurse but being a neophyte in a new setting isn't a breeze especially in a hospital where it is a service-oriented institution. You should take notes of some policies you will encounter and be familiarize on where to find the other departments. Most importantly, new learnings or refresher on some nursing basics is worth to write. At this point in time, you will need these notes as much as you think.

5. Initiative.

Ah! That is the only word expected from you. You are the one who needed experience and learnings, right? Might as well, initiate to ask and take actions. You have to be enthusiastic on what you are doing to be able to carry out your task. Don't ever let others feel uneasy about asking you to do the job ( that will not be the impression you want them for you). The first road you are taking is rough. Some may judge you through your actions. Accept that there are differences. As long as you are doing it rightly, then you don't have to worry but, be strong.  I tell you. I have seen some people walk out the scene and defeated by this situation.  The next path gets easier as you go along.

6. Be courteous and smile.

What's the better way to ease the tension? Smile. Have a positive attitude toward your work. You don't have to be the sunshine to everyone nor to have a pleasing personality. Be you, but don't forget the manners you've been taught since grade school. A warm greetings and simple smile is enough in a day. As part of a team dedicated in customer-service, we bring inner peace and hope of life to people in their most vulnerable state. Be kind.

That's it! There's so much to learn and these are just the rise of a greater start. Good luck to your next chapters.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,

Princess Mikee, RN

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