Dear Berry: Miss Mona Lisa Eyebrow Pencil

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Miss Mona Lisa Eyebrow Pencil 
Shade: Choco Brown (also available in Coffee Brown and Smokey Gray)
Cost: 101.00 pesos (approx: $2)
Available at:

Hey girl!

It was long time ago since I reviewed some brow product because to be honest, I haven't been doing my brows most of the time these days. I did say too before about #kilayislife but really not for me. As you can see, I have a so-so normal brows and even if I don't put anything on it. It will still look fine. The struggles of doing #kilaygoals eyebrows  makes me even discouraged not to put at all. But believe me, I have a handy brow products on hand that I just didn't talk about. My bad! This time, let's dig it one by one. First top, Dear Berry Mona Lisa Eyebrow Pencil.

Since I learned about eyebrow powder, it was hard for me to go back to other types, especially to pencils. Automated eyebrow pencils changed my perspective. I remember my very first was some Korean or Japanese brand. It was so fine that I decided to came back to pencils. It was the same as this Dear Berry Mona Lisa Eyebrow Pencil. It has the automated eyebrow pen on one end and a spooly to the other. Great idea!

The creamy texture makes it easy to glide on your brows. I can have the control of not doing it too thick. The shade I got is Choco Brown and it looks real dark and heavy so I have to lighten my application. Dear Berry has two (2) more available shades and if it was available on stock by that time I would have got the Smokey Gray. I think it is also in the choices of shades of eyebrow products that makes our brows too dark and thick. As per my brows. I only need lighter ones since I have full brows to start with.

It was lightweight and cost effective at 101.00 pesos. Not really bad! It was actually my first time to try from Dear Berry brand - it is a Korean brand and has a lot of interesting lines of beauty products. So, I am not surprised that this one is good. Korean beauty products are one of the top-notch, I believe.

To tell you honestly, I am having a hard time perfecting filling in my eyebrows. It sometimes become to thick or unnoticable. But still, once in a while, I still have fun time doing it. Face make-up will never be complete without doing the brows.


Overall experience: I can say I am back on my eyebrow game with this. I just hope the other shades will be available soon. I think it was too good that is why it was always sold out and out of stock. Nevertheless, this inexpensive eyebrow pencil can fill in our brows beautifully without slashing our pockets. Good for beauty on a budget.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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