Love your lips smooth: Zenutrients Strawberry Lip Butter

Monday, June 05, 2017

Zenutrients Strawberry Lip Butter
Cost: 170g
Net wt: 15g
Available at: Check HERE

 Hey girl!

It is the start of the week again. Great to kick it off by removing some dead skin on our lips. Here I have another Zenutrients product to try. You know how I am amazed with their interesting formulation of natural beauty products. It is always nice to discover new product to add in my skin regimen. I was intrigue AGAIN of this lip butter. I thought it was another lip balm in a jar, but I was wrong. Here's what I discovered.

Honestly, I got this because the lip butter was in this really cute little jar. Yes, packaging has plus points and gained good impact too. I have so much lip balm to spare and truly, it just add up to the pile of what I already have. Overall, it was out of my curiosity to get this product but not really for its sole purpose. 

My first trial of this lip butter wasn't that exciting. I did not expect the thick consistency. It was more like a sticky jam. I also didn't like the smell of dried strawberry. Don't get me wrong I love strawberry when eaten. Well, my description may not be the same as your opinion but that's what I thought. Then, going back to positive thoughts, I told myself good thing it has good packaging.

I was so dissatified that I thought why do they make such product when lip balms are a lot better. Haha, let's talk about overthinking. My bad I didn't research more about it. It got stock on my pile of unused product until I was captivated by this cute little jar again. The overthinking came back. I gave it a chance. I researched and realized I used it wrongly. Excuse my innocent tone, I haven't used any lip butter before. 


It was intended to prep the lips to make a smoother and moisturize lips. Get a generous amount and used as often as you want. Scrub it on your lips and wash it off with water. Smoother lips! Viola! It is advised to use once or twice per week for your lip regimen. My lips tends to get dry and now, I found a remedy before applying my fave lip product. 

One funny thing my innocence gets me is when I first applied this lip butter I thought the color was off to my preference. It is red-orange and I look like I just eaten something that I didn;t wipe off. Lol! The consistency was like that (below in the photo). I put as much as I wanted and scrub it all over my lips for 2-3 minutes or until some dry patches on my lips was removed. I used it as often as I needed and it didn't disappoint. However, it is still messy and sticky to apply this product. Just wash it off with water thoroughly. 

Overall experience: Sorry for misjudgment. I like that it really mosturize and makes my lips smoother. At least, I have a less hassle way to substitute on my lip scrub that I can brought anywhere in a CUTE LITTLE JAR. All caps. Yes. On the other hand, it still has the downsides and can improve more. Okay, till here. I'm gonna moisturize my lips cause its getting drier again. :D

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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