Weekend at Nuvali: Serenity in Nature

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hey girl!

Hello weekend vibe! Just like everyone else, I look forward every weekends because this is the time when I met with my family and friends over a quick snack, dinner or picnic. I always love seeing my loved ones during their free time. Today, I would like to feature one of my favorite place in our town where to spend my weekend. Nature meets leisure is the theme that comes to my mind whenever I heard of this place. It is called NUVALI. It is located along Sta. Rosa, Laguna-Tagaytay road. It became famous because of its nature sceneries incoporated with enjoyable activities that is perfect for family bonding.

I've been here back and forth for several times, but the feeling of happiness and peace this place gave me doesn't fade a single, maybe because my happy place is always with the nature or maybe because this place really gives you a soothing feeling to exhale all your inhibitions after a long day at work. As the time passed by, establishments around the area became abundant. More facilities and restaurants are available. Great thing, it doesn't change its charisma. Nature is preserved and more people are drawn to this place.

Here is the usual site you will see here. The coy fishes grew in numbers rapidly just like the people coming here. Even if I've seen this lucky fishes a number of times, I can't resist their charm. They are just so fun to watch. It is really nice that we have in contact with living creatures in our leisure activity. It is not always computers and mobiles guys! Go outside, feed the fishes. Have fun! That's it! It is so much better.

Mother Earth never fails to amaze me. It brings me back to my default state and refreshes me on whatever bothers me in life. I can say that walking around a nature park is my therapy. Greens everywhere relieves my soul.  

 While walking around, I saw smiles and laughters everywhere. It adds up to the positive atmosphere. I cited family picnics, 'barkada' bonding, happy couples, and team/organizational activities. You won't feel alone. There is always someone you can share your smile with. You can also bring your pets to a walk here.

Some of the activities you can do here:
Boat Ride 40 PHP/person (approx: $0.8)
Bike Rental 80 PHP/hour (approx: $1.6)
Fish Feeding 20 PHP/pack (approx: $0.4)

Also, it is a great place to reflect. Because of its wide parameter, everyone has its own private spot to sit on. Perfect if you bring your mat. Indeed, it is a place where I find my peace.

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If you are a food lover, you found a good place here. As I mention earlier, more food stalls and restaurants are readily available in Nuvali. You also got an additonal perks of having nearby malls like Ayala Mall and Vista Mall. So, if you decide to have a food trip after a long walk or tiring activity, you can find a variety of food choices here.

Another thing, you can shop until you drop on lots of 'tiangge' and malls around.

Yes, I am truly blessed to be living near a community where people value nature and integrate recreation with it. It is totally a different ambiance from the major cities. But of course, still everyone can benefit with this place because it became easier to reach Nuvali through SLEX at Sta. Rosa exit. I am proud to be promoting the town where I lived to others.

Where's your long weekend getaway?

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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