15 reasons why I will still choose to be a nurse

Friday, September 01, 2017

Inspired by the '13 reasons why' of Hannah Baker in the most popular original Netflix series and the 10 reasons that Lea and Tonyo made to justify their purpose to love in the movie 'Kita kita'. I am writing my 15 reasons why I still choose to be a nurse.


It wasn't a secret that nursing course have became popular to highschool graduates in the Philippines starting the year 2000's  and up to the next decade after it. I am one of the graduate student who was confused of where to start my journey. By that time, my preparatory tests concluded that I should pursue a course inclined with the arts since it was where I excelled.  I am rooting to either Multimedia Arts, Tourism or Multilingual course. The first course wasn't available in the University I will study, the second, I was discouraged because of my height and the last one also wasn't readily available in most universities plus it will cost much to study this course without assurance of employment after graduation. I ran out of other options that I like. So instead of thinking what more that I like, I diverted to what course will made me land a job. So, the main goal at that time was the demand of employment after graduation. Some of the choices based on the need of manpower on the year of my college graduation according to the seminar that I attended were Economics, Information Technology and Healthcare. Among these options, my heart is in healthcare. Before I concluded my decision, I have a lot of hesitations in mind: Science, Passion and Cost.

I am not a fan of Science since elementary, I would rather solve Trigonometry problems than indulge in every scientific reasons. But hey, I am not bad at it. If I could rank the major subjects according to my favorite it would be: Math (1st), Science and English (3rd). 

I am also thinking that time, how can I sustain to a course I am not enthusiastic about? It was about my passion. Being an unsure gal at that moment, I questioned myself back, how could I be so sure that this is not for me if I won't even try?

Lastly, the fees of studying a nursing course was expensive. It is a 4-year course plus 2 summer breaks which is almost 5 years in total. My family couldn't afford it all not because of my aunt. Stepping in to this course with my family and relatives rooting for me was an added pressure that I should be sure about it. 

15 times kong pinaulit-ulit sa isip ko na "Nursing is an art". On the moment of pressure in nursing school, I questioned myself several times if I can really make it. Honestly, I am a hardworking student needed to be driven. I lost my passion and go with the flow. I survived by the way.  But you know what, as I got back to my college days, I can confidently say that I could have done better. Still, no regrets. My mediocrity when I was in nursing school made me not just a wise nurse because I filled up my gaps with learning experiences but also, it made me became more efficient because I was awakened by the fact that not all of what is in the book can be applied to every setting.

14 major at minor subjects and nagpahirap sakin. The struggle is real. You might always imagined us nurses as an angel looking serene in our white uniforms, but behind the cap we are wearing is a greater responsibility to human being. Learning anatomy and physiology, and how everything works in the human body are more than a puzzle to make. It is an endless research and updates to new learnings. 

13 sections kami nung nagsimula ang semester. I remember how my college started. Nursing students at my time are minimum of 10 sections per year level with around 40 students/section. And the graduates every year? around 80,000 in the Philippines. The struggle of landing a nursing job in a hospital in the Philippines is real. As a newbie with no experience at all makes it even harder. Most hospitals wanted experienced nurses for a staff nurse position. Most nursing graduates asked in the back of their mind, how can we have an experience if no hospital is willing to hire us to get one? Sadly, volunteerism became abundant for newbies who are left with no choice but to get experience. When every angle has a struggle, why would you still be a nurse? Aside from the experience that I have to get, I take pride of my profession. As of the moment, more nurses are going out of the country to find their fortune. More hospitals are in need of nurses to fill in the staff nurse position. I can finally say, our time has come.

12 buwan o 365 araw sa isang taon. Everyday is a brand new day. No two days are the same in our profession. We meet different people and strive in every situation in our daily lives. This is my favorite part of this journey: to meet people and be inspired or be an inspiration to them. We are there to witness the birth of an individual and to support in the grief with the loss of someone. Every day is a new day, a new beginning or the end of someone's life.

11 weeks ng paghahanda. I still remember my first time to be living away from home. This is for the preparation of my 1st and last licensure exam for nursing. The entire experience was unforgettable and the examination itself was unpredictable. I've never been so sure about myself at that point. It just happened. I let it go and let God. I passed. I was enlightened of my calling.

10 at higit pa na pasasalamat. It is true that being a nurse is one of the most fulfilling job. The gratitude in doing our job is the gift we received everyday.

9 na buhay. Since I am a catlover, let us put it in this way. Nurses are just like cats that are said to have nine lives. We fall, but we survived in the end. The hardships, sleepless night shifts, nothing per orem entire shift, holding our own bathroom breaks and times when our responsibilities are of greater good than our breaks. Time, effort, and our life are dedicated to serve others.

8 hours shift plus OT TY(Thank you!). Additional hours spent beyond our watch was a usual sight in my job. Even if we wanted to leave as soon as the time ticks at the end of our shift, the unexpected situations are always present. We have learnt that this is a part, at the same time the nature of this job. As I have said, dedication is the word. Good thing, team work is what keep us alive each day at work.

7 days a week. Nurses are present 7 days a week. It means our duty could be anytime during the week and no exceptions during weekends, specifically for hospital nurse staff. And that also mean, no compulsary holiday breaks (hello 'not so much' double pay!). To add to that 7 thing, we are at your service 24/7 too. It made me think that to hold on to this job you have to find  your passion in it. By doing this, it will be easier to handle your work. Just like what Confucius quoted, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

6 na beses na akong na-IR. Being a nurse is an extraordinary job. We are dealing with life and death. Every miscommunication has its counterpart report to be done. I am not proud to include my misunderstandings and so-called mistakes here but rather, I want you to know that we are also humans. We are trained to make no mistakes. But how do we do that? Nurses have what we called series of demos between ourselves or dummies before we actually set our hands to actual patients. So don't you ever think that we are fond of injecting to people because we haven't gone through the pain of needles? We went through all of that! I am never discouraged by harsh words I got from the patients, relatives, or other health professionals that I dealt with. I make it to a point that I knew clearly what my mistakes are and learned from it. Every job has its downfall. But as a human, I am afraid that people take away our privilege to be human by expecting us to be perfect. 4 words: We do our best.

5 beses akong nagpalipat lipat bago ako naging isang ER nurse. I am blessed with my transition as a nurse. The hardships that I've been through makes me confident about myself in my profession. There is always one specialty position that we aim to have and for me it was being an emergency room nurse. It provides me a wide varierty of knowledge and experience of what is it all about to be a nurse. We are in the first line of care and we handled every kind of patients. It was a satisfying, unexpected experiences of my life.

4 na taon sa serbisyo and counting. It has been 4 fruitful years in this profession and there are still so much to learn and I am looking forward to amazing experiences ahead.

3 thousand ang una kong sweldo sa pagka-nars. It was very saddening that nurses here in the Philippines doesn't get a decent salary to match their profession. I believe healthcare should be on the top 5 priority of every nation. Health workers should be empowered to be inspired to work efficiently and effectively. I don't want to brag more about it. The sad truth is that even nurses couldn't afford the healthcare expenses of their own. Gladly, we got a support from other health professionals and the knowledge on how we can minimize our expenses or get a consultation for free. I've been working as a nurse since I graduated and even after I landed my first job with that pay, I didn't think twice to set foot on another job. I am a nurse and will continue to be one. But in the right time, I longed to be in a pasteur where the health and welfare of my own was also considered. I hope someday here in our country.

2 letters na dumagdag sa aking pangalan: R.N. An added letters to my name that signifies an opportunity to serve and help others. I can never be grateful enough.

1 profession that I am blessed to have. A profession that taught me patience, empathy and commitment. It opened me to opportunities that I never thought of doing, it gave me a purpose, and it leads me to the path of kindness. My hesitations and questions are now becoming clearer. I am blessed to be a nurse, indeed!

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