Your U.S Personal Shopper: Gmet Trading

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hey girl!

Admit it, online shopping is now the second best option in buying items with less hassle. Aside from convenience and variety of options we have in online stores, it became popular hand-in-hand as the technology era arises. One of the downside we don't want to experience in  shopping online was dealing with the threat of our own security by providing some of our personal information. Another thing is the burden of high shipping cost may it be locally or even so internationally.  I came across an online shopping site, Gmet Trading, that provides a personalized shopping experience specifically for U.S based brands. You can now effortlessly shop online in U.S through them.

How does it work and what do they offer?

Basically, you have to give them the link/URL of the item/s you wanted to purchase and they will act as your personal shopper and make the purchase for you. This is best helpful on items that can only be found in U.S and not readily available locally. 

1. They made sure they remain in contact with you through their email and facebook page to discuss the best possible deals or bargains for your purchase. 

2. Total payment will be quoted that is all inclusive until the item landed Manila. When you agreed with the payment, downpayment is needed before finally purchasing the items and the balance payment will be collected upon getting your item. Your orders will be ship to their pick-up points in Manila. Extra cost will be added if you wanted the item to be delivered at your doorstep. 

3. And you are done! Just wait for your items to arrive.

Some of the brands I am interested in purchasing items are Sephora, Nike, Target and Walmart. Yes! It is great to know that our favorite U.S brands can be easily on hand in a click. I liYou can also check out these online shops for beauty products hoarding available in U.S.


1. Does it have high mark-up on shipping costs? The costs are minimal and all inclusive. It will also depends on the weight of the items.

2. How long will I wait for my order to arrive? It usually take 2-3 weeks but  still depends on the actual processing of the sellers.

3. I only got an order of a small item? Can it be process? Gmet caters all types of purchases may it be big or small ones.

Still thinking about it? You can also check their FB page for hundreds of testimonials and reviews of their satisfied customers. Or you can check their website at to learn more about them.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
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