Exfoliates without visible peeling: Belo Intensive Toner

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Belo Intensive Whitening Micropeeling Toner
Cost: 79.75 pesos (approx $1.2)
Net wt: 60ml

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The power of Kojic Acid + Traxenamic Acid in one intensive whitening toner. With micropeeling technology that gently clears away dead skin without visible peeling and flaking.
  • Exfoliates skin to allow the whitening actives to penetrate deeper
  • Reduces the appearance of stubborn dark spots
  • Eliminates impurities and dirt residue.
  • Hypoallergenic.
When it comes to toner, I've been using different products one after the other. I actually still doesn't have a mainstay product since I used them only as an addition in cleansing my face and removing make-up residues or dirt. Aside from that, other factors are totally only a bonus for me. Recently, what I am using was this Belo Intensive Whitening Toner.

What is really important for me in a toner is that it isn't too harsh for my skin. I have never used the ones that actually visibly peels off the skin. Good thing with toner nowadays, they came up with micropeeling action which peels without you noticing it. It gives you glow and brightens your face gradually which is for the better. 

It is part of the Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid Belo Intensive Whitening which I already made an intro about its formulation. You can read more about other Belo Intensive Whitening products HERE.

Back to the toner, this one isn't alcohol-free. My first week of use I am bothered with its obviously alcohol scent and it seems like a harsh one, but it isn't. After continued use, there's nothing to bother at all. No allergic reactions and no irritations. It cleanses my face thoroughly and yes, no visible peeling. But then, there are no remarkable whitening seen. Although, I noticed that it fades away my recent little pimple marks.


I recommend this one, but since it is not alcohol-free those who have dry skin should add moisturization in their skin regimen. Other than that, it works well as a toner. Pricewise, it is a bit pricey than other brands. But, it is worth than the harsh ones and it is worth in taking care of the skin. 

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