My first DD: Cathy Doll Snail Mineral Drop Body DD cream

Monday, January 08, 2018

Cathy Doll Snail DD cream
Cost: 449.00 pesos (approx: $9.5)
Net wt: 138 ml
Formulated in Korea

Hey girl!

My first DD! Yay. When I first saw this on Sample Room, I was 'oh no' the stock might ran out fast for this baby. This is one of their newest product in Cathy Doll and I have to give credit to Sample Room for always giving Filipinas something new to try. I have tried the L-Glutathione Magic Cream from Cathy Doll which I liked. The last time was a suncreen ad now a body cream.

Packaging. It was always a pleasant surprise to see the so lovely Cathy Doll products packaged equally beautiful. Skincare is even more fun, especially for kikay ladies.

What is now up with the DD cream? The packaging says a little something.

DD stands for "Double Deoxy". Essentially, this new iteration of al[habet make-up is supposed to take the multi-tasking cosmetic product up another level to which includes anti-aging benefits.

Basically, there is an added anti-aging component on this product. It says to also have the 8 skin benefits which includes: reduction of dark and pimple marks, removing freckles and dullness, soft texture, soothing, UV protection, moisturizer, quick absorption and non-comedogenic.

Here's the before and after whitening effect on my skin. I hope you can see the little difference. It gives a coat of lightening on the skin in a good way. It tends to be patchy at first, but when you properly lather it out on skin it will went out well. 

The texture is like a white concentrated cream (just like the suncreen that I have from their brand). Don't worry, it is totally blendable. I noticed that takes away the dullness on my skin at the same time, making me a shade lighter. The scent is mild too. 


It expect it to cost that much because of its added skin benefits which is considerable. From the packaging to the product itself, you will know it is worth. I appreciate that Cathy Doll brought good options on hand for skincare.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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