Benefit Booing Concealer: Airbrush Concealer

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Benefit Booing Airbrush Concealer
Shade: 02 light-medium (comes in 3 shades: 01:light, 03:medium)
Net wt: 1.6 g/0.05oz (sample size tube)
Full sized: 5.0 g/0.17oz
Cost: full-sized approx $20

Hey girl!

I got my Booing concealer sample tube as part of my Beauty Subscription Box. It was newly released back then last July 2017. So, I was a happy girl to score one and try it for myself. Personally, I am not a concealer girl even if I have a lot of reasons to use concealer everytime. Of course I would love to have a flawless look, but sometimes it feels like it is too much for me. Usually, my face feels heavy when I use concealer and it always feels like a little too much. I only use concealer during the time I would want to be extra beautiful or 'pangmalakasan look'. It is definitely not part of my daily make-up routine.   

My very first Benefit product was their mascara, which I like. But then, I don't always get products that cost so much when there were too many good alternatives. I am a really practical consumer and won't settle to costly products unless they are my favorite or one-of-a-kind. Much have been said, pricewise, as you can see, this one is a little expensive concealer (but not when, you get a sample size! Hola!). By the way, I have another sample size of their Booing hydrating concealer in the shade of #01. 

This sample size was almost for one-time use only and at the time I used it, I haven't taken a photo. But as fas as a remember, I liked it more in terms of blendability and the coverage was almost the same with the airbrush concealer. Only that the intensity of the coverage of the airbrush was a little stronger than this one.

Packaging. I appreciate products with eye-candy packaging. It is also important that products take time to rethink their packaging that best represent their products. Benefit does it everytime. Good job!

Texture and Blendability. It has a creamy texture, but I guess it is a little too drying for me. That is  why maybe I like how good their hydrating concealer. I have to blend it well for it not to settle on my crease and it isn't hassle-free. Good thing, it is lightweight.

Coverage. No doubt about this. It has a sheer to medium coverage as it says. If you needed more coverage, then go with their industrial strength concealer. The medium coverage is just a good-to-go concealer perfect for flat impurities and blemishes. As you can see in my RAW photo (no edit,  I just cropped it, lightning: sunlight), it gives a flawless, smooth look in a photo. It is really good in a photo. But actually, it highlights some of the dry parts of my face. Nothing too serious, after layering with foundation, etc. I am good.

Longevity. It doesn't give me a 'hulas look' or haggard look (cause some concealer do!). I claims to have around 10 hours longevity, but I guess it was less than 8 hours for me especially when I am going out and commuting around the city under the heat of sunlight. It is waterproof that is maybe why it doesn't melt away just like that leaving patches. 

Overall thoughts: I think I could fake a filter with a good coverage with this concealer, but will never skip foundation and use this alone. I have more positive thoughts with this concealer that serves its price. However, I am good with or without concealer. And maybe make a purchase of this only once in a while, when there's no better alternative: price and quality wise.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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