Random Tale: Grandma

Monday, April 16, 2018

It was one hot afternoon when me and my mom went on buying grocery in my mom's favorite Supermarket. We stroll around as usual getting everything on my mom's list. She knew already where to go and get the specifics so I just go on and follow her with the empty basket on my arm. 

When we were almost finished ticking everything on her list, we passed by an old woman approximately in her 70s to 80s in a crane strugglingly carrying her half full basket. My mom told me, she must be given a trolley. At the back of my mind, I was looking for empy trolley to give to her or find an assistanr to guide or help the old woman. Thankfully, I've seen one Supermarket employee talking and assiting the old lady. We moved on and get the last things we needed to buy and head on to the cashier.

As we were getting close to the cashier, I have seen again that same old woman. STILL struggling with her basket in one arm and a crane to another. WHAT? I can't stand this sight anymore. It seems like no one sees her struggle (even the employees around) or maybe they are too busy doing their thing that they really don't care about others business (most people case). She definitely have nobody around with her. I thought I already seen this sight in many social experiments on TV. This was really happening.

The old woman paused, bend to drop for a moment her basket and took a deep breath. She seemed tired this time. In less than 10 seconds, she picked up again her basket and started looking around the cashier area. She was confused where to go. Then, I held her back and ask her, "Nay, san na po kayo pupunta? Sa cashier na po ba?". She nodded  while I got her basket onto her hand. She stared at me and said "Salamat, anak!" That was the time I have seen her face fully. One of her eye looked damage, it was too cloudy (like in a person with cataract). It was also the time I knew how heavy the basket she was carrying herself and it was even heavier than ours. I carried the two baskets side to side on my hands and went to the cashier. The old woman followed. We let her in line first.

As she placed one by one her items on the cashier table. I've seen what's on her basket: everything for daily usage like 1 packed kilo rice, milk, toothpaste, etc. I don't know if all were only for her or for the entire family because she got the big sizes of the items. As the cashier personnel ticking one by one the items on the table, the old woman stopped placing her items and left 3 items on her basket. She was holding a five hundred pesos on her hand while waiting for the total of all the items to be paid. I knew for sure what it means if you remain some on your basket (it also happened to us sometimes), you want to make sure that you will not be short in payment. That's what the woman was thinking. I was sad looking at the situation (mind you, I am really soft-hearted and cry a lot). I knew how it felt na 'hindi makasama yung mga items na gusto mo sana bilihin' especially with elderly since they don't shop as often. 

The total bill was up, 587.something pesos. She moved around and see what items she could left behind because her money was not enough. Again, I thought "nakita ko na to eh" (I always have something at the back of my mind). I want to help her and pay the remaining so she would not struggle again to think what item she have to leave. BUT, I don't have enough fund too on hand and my mom have just enough budget to pay for our bills and the grocery we got that day. I was sadder and almost cried (pinigilan ko lang). By the way, she left her milk and pay the total of 460 something. Ang mahal pala nung gatas. What I can only do was sighed at that time. She left hugging with one hand her groceries in a paperbag. After we checked out the counter, we also left and went to the shopping mall beside the grocery store. 

 Before entering the mall, I saw the old woman again nearby trying to put down her paperbag of groceries, struggling again and seemed exhausted. We went inside the mall and never saw the woman again. END.

I didn't realized it looked like a long story (even longer than my reviews).


I am absolutely a Lola's (grandma) girl and it makes me teary-eyed everytime I saw sights like this. I hope we find time to support and help our elderlies always. I knew most of us were so busy with our won life as they were when they were younger. Even if they don't tell, they were getting weaker and brittle. Let them feel that they still belong. We let the younger generations looked at them now, on how they will treat us in the future. They deserve better than this, cause we deserve more. 

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