Beauty Trends: 5 Reasons I don't like about Eyelash Extensions

Monday, June 11, 2018

Hey girl!

How was the cold, rainy days? This weather gives me a chillin' mood and I love it. Yeah sure, I like going out and make adventures under the sun, but heck I also love the stillness and peace of mind this rainy season is giving me. Yes! Enough of the usual long unrelated intros'. Okay, this will be more like a story time of my general idea about eyelash extensions based on my experience. 

Firstly, let us tallk about the POSITIVE side of having eyelash extensions. It will surely give you that Vava-voom lashes you always wanted. The woke-up-like-this glam is real. It may be natural-looking but, it is incomparible than the usual. Having that extra omph! in your eyes makes a real good difference. The first few hours after you have that eyelash extensions ON are the best times, so be in the moment girl.

Coz', living in a fairytale doesn't always have a happy ending. Lol! (This post sounds like a horror story now)


Before everything else, I don't have any issues with my eyelashes ( I actually loved it naturally). It just so happens, I  tried to have an eyelash extensions and found out these not good things about it. Don't get me wrong, I still want to reserve another try only on some of the most special occasions.

1.  It doesn't last longer than you thought. Even on the first day, you can get the first fallout. Fallouts happen randomly eventhough you are too careful on it. It happens even if you just blink your eyes. Yes, there is proper care, but the natural movement or maybe natural oils produced by our skin is unavoidable. It is also a normal sight to get approached one-time by someone you know just to remove a fallout on your cheek. These lashes are supposed to last for at least 4-6 weeks. But girl, you can't even pass a day without fallout. So you know what happens in 6 weeks time. 

2. Expensive. Services with good materials used are sure to be expensive.  They have the best, lightweight, natural-looking (or vava-voom) eyelash extensions. It is expensive too because it is a long, meticulous process to make. Each precious eyelash is glued one by one. When you try to have eyelash extensions, go for the best because as I told you it doesn't last long and you make that short moment worthwhile.  For the usual daily basis, I'd rather invest on a good mascara and not be so lazy to put some coats. It will save a penny for sure.

3. Fall-outs with my real lashes. Extensions that are glued  to the real ones. Truth be told, there are  times that you will sadly find your baby eyelash falls with the extension. Especially when there are unwanted moments when the extensions left loose and you have nothing else to do but to pull it out gently or it can irritate your eyes. (Wait, another way is to go to the lash salon and have them do about it) Honestly, I got a little traumatized seeing a fallout with my real lash. Like I don't have too much to spare. Yes, I am aware of the hair growth process and hair including eyelashes fall out naturally for new growth, but it seemed like after the extension, fallouts became too common than before I got it.

4. High-Maintenance. This is for a queen. Imagine, maintaining it (touch-ups or full replacement) every 4-6 weeks for a not-really cheap price. I can have it done again maybe in the most special occasion, but as a part of my beauty routine? not really. Sorry. I am a princess, but not yet a queen.  Haha!

5. Gives you more restrictions. Even if the best extensions doesn't feel like having it, you still have to abide with the rules when you have eyelash extensions. No more direct on the face showers, rubbing your eyes, wiping your eye make-up should be a little meticulous too are just some of those, buit there will be more of it that you will know once you have it.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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