Learning German: On Passing B1 and Helpful Tips

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

So finally, you are in the B1 level. In short the "B" level. This will be the last level you will be taking here in the PH if you are under Triple Win (B2 will be taken in Germany). There was a lot of pressure (it is true) at the same time the feeling of "make or break". Maybe because this is the Zertifikat that I needed/ I needed to have to qualify to go to Germany. If you did your homework (did a good job) during your A2 level, this part is more on applying everything you've learned (grammar-wise) in a right way. Also, this is the level where you build confidence in the language. Meaning, you can speak Deutsch in full sentences with less to no mistakes using different grammar techniques that you've learned. There were lesser grammar lessons than the A2 level because this level is more on continuation of some topics.

Again, review and sharpen your knowledge on the past 'grammatik' lessons. There will be few addition during B1 level, but more or less it is just strengthening and applying what you already knew.


1. You got to love reading (even if you actually don't) because there will be longer passages to read this time around. When you thought A2 examination was tiring, it is even more in B1 level. Not just exhausting in the amount of words to read, but also with more "Anu to?!" words. More words were in the different tense. So, watch out for that!

2. You can use your grammar expertise as an edge in your Speaking and Writing examination. That is why it is a surely helpful to learn well your 'Grammatik' too. It makes a lot of difference. Also, it will save you when you run out of vocabs to say. Use it to your advantage.

3. Grammar vs Vocabulary. While these two are equally important in the long run, when you ask me what to prioritize at this point in time (B1 level) I go for grammar. You should have invested more vocabs in your A2 level. You can use totally simple words connected by a good grammar technique to make it 'lit'! Your high falutin words will be useless when you can't even stitch it rightly in your sentences. Build your sentences gradually until you make it. Not that I tell you to slash off the vocab part, a few addition of vocabulary on the side is always good.

4.  Speak out! That's what our teacher was trying to train us everyday in our class. Recitation everyday (since no one want to speak voluntarily). It is true that you don't just need to know it, you have to apply it too. I realized that also to myself, yes sure I learned about it, I heard about it, or I read about it, but why can't I still speak confidently Deutsch? because I don't use it. True enough. So if you don't speak Deutsch at home or after class (just like me), at least try to speak Deutsch in class. There will be good ones and bad. But the heck, all of you are just learning.

5. Practice, practice. The more,the better. It is the safe method to do. You can analyze yourself too of your weaknesses and strengths. So you know where to focus more. Try practice tests.

Finally, when you did your best in everything you do, all you can do now is have faith in yourself. Pray and ask guidance that everything will fall into place as it was destined to you. That's it! I wish you the best!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,

Princess Mikee, RN

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