Nurses bound to Germany: My TripleWin Experience

Monday, July 30, 2018

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Gone are the days when nurses have no other option but to settle in voluntary work to gain hospital  experience. There are lot of opportunities for nurses nowadays here and abroad. One of them is Triple Win Project. Way back 2012 (as I gained my BSN), I actually heard about the idea of nursing opportunities in Germany. It is definitely my dream to work in Europe, but I actually never consider (at that time) working in Germany. I am rooting for going to U.K. by that time. But yes, fate have brought me here and I couldn't be happier. I never thought of going straight to abroad after finishing college (even if there are offers abroad without experience). I patiently applied to every hospital and waited until being called out for duty. It was still hard to get an instant slot in a hospital-setting at that time. I settled for what was given to me and gained my almost 4 years of hospital experience.


Then, going back to my long-term goal, which was working in Europe. Sad truth, my 4 years of hospital experience here in PH makes me realized that going abroad is one of my resort if I wanted to further help my family. I may be competent and confident enough professionally because of my experience. Pero, walang asenso bes. Good thing, it was also my dream to work abroad and I am not forced to do it. I learned about TripleWin in social media thru a friend. I didn't hesitate to try my luck and apply because I know it is legit since I will be submitting my documents in POEA. At that time, I never heard about the other options like private agencies hiring nurses bound to Germany. It was also at same time when Japan opened its doors for nurses. It was the same window to pass documents in POEA. Without second thought, I applied for Triple Win "nurses bound to Germany". I admit, I haven't research more about TripleWin when I applied. 

*POEA and GIZ posted about application dates. You can't pass anytime in POEA unless there is a job order posted. If you wanted to apply, check POEA website every now and then for the process and full requirements and qualifications.

What is Triple Win Project (TWP)?

In my layman's definition, it is a project that is supported by both government (Philippines and Germany) in bringing job opportunities for Filipino nurses at the same time filling in nursing job opportunities in Germany. It is a triple win situation since there will be decrease unemployment rate of nurses in the Philippines, there will be filled vacancies for the need of nurses in Germany and for the applicant itself to gain a job opportunity abroad. If I am not mistaken, it started 2013.

Other information will be provided once you applied and get into the project.


Firstly, when you decide to apply as a nurse for Germany may it be under TWP or other agencies, you have to know that it is a long step-by-step process. How long? It will take up to more or less than a year. There are many factors that can affect the process. But one thing is for sure, it is an absolute, organized process you have to go through. You just have to take it surely and patiently. Also, not everyone has the same timeline. It all depends on as I say many factors.

Once on the project, the most important step is that you have to get through language lessons which takes up to minimum of 6 months until B1 level (the level you needed under TWP). I heard (but not sure) that when you are on private agencies have to go through up to B2 level before you will be sent to Germany. Under TWP, you will continue, for sure, language training up to B2 level in Germany. If you want to read more about my struggles in learning the language and some helpful tips, you can read here >> A1, A2, B1 

After passing and getting B1 Zertifikat, from this point your pacing with other candidates will differ greatly depending on how you process your documents and the availability of your employer. You have to wait for processing of your contract, preparation seminar, you also have to prepare needed documents for translation and notary, VISA application and some other usual POEA documents and process. This step will surely consume a month or more.

After exactly 11 months of process, I will be departing today to work in Germany. It was a special experience and I am thrilled that as a nurse by profession, I am able to be given an opportunity like this. I won't deny that my 11 months of waiting isn't hard, there are times that I felt unable because I do not have a regular job unlike before (good thing, I have a part-time job) and I can't add up to help on my family's finances that much. However, most of the time in my 11 months of processing, I never felt wasting my time, since every step I've taken is for the betterment of myself. Waiting is hard, but no one achieved something without patience. Isn't it so fulfilling to feel when you know that something you worked hard, prayed and waited for so long finally achieved? By the way, we still have endless stop overs and waiting lines in life to go through. Keep moving forward.


Some people are discouraged with longer process. But I told you if you are really determined and would like to pursue something in your life, it is never an easy road. You have to be prepared physically, mentally and financially with every step you will face. It is not as hard as it seemed if you just do it and give your best. They say it is not for everybody, yes that is for sure. However, you will never know what is for you until you try. Best of luck!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee, RN

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