Pinoy Foodtrip in Berlin: AYAN Filipino Streetfood

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Hey girl!

How are you? It is getting colder and colder here now in Berlin. I feel sick, lazy, and sleepy with this kind of weather.  By the way, I would like to share one of my discovery Filipino Restaurant in Berlin. I found out about this restaurant because of my friend, who visit to travel in Berlin. It was funny that I have no idea of this Filipino Restaurant here in Berlin and only to find out that my friend, who is just here for travel, first to find this restaurant. Because of that, I was eager to visit this one too.

I've known only one Filipino Restaurant here in Berlin, which I wish to visit soon. Going back to this Filipino restaurant, it is located in 69, Potsdamer Stra├če, 10785 Berlin which is not so easy to find. We came here for dinner and we've just fully trusted our google map to track this one. Of course, it is worth it! I am not a foodie in nature and I wouldn't normally hunt for restos just for a new taste. But yeah, it is not about finding a comfort food, but also the feeling of belonging. You know the feeling that you expect that you will have some kababayan in here enjoying some Filipino dishes with maybe the same longing as yours to see something familiar. 

 We are right! There is a Filipino dining in and good to see a German couple too. It was nice hearing a good compliment to the Filipino dishes they've tried. Lumalabas ang pagka Filipino ko, taking the credit of anything related to Filipino culture. Haha. It was a small with 5-8 tables (if I am not mistaken), but cozy restaurant. I was happy to see that the interiors were fully Filipino inspired from abakang pamaypay, to sari-sari store chichirya, to bamboo counters, and portraits. It was for me, homey.

I would really like to buy, but they are only for display. 

Don't get wrong with the name of the restaurant which says Filipino streetfood because they have rice meals and popular Filipino dishes. Look at this one, they have boodle fight special too. I wished I photographed the menu but I didn't. The price was mid-range from 3-15 euros.

The server is also Filipino. It was nice to make chika with kapwa Pilipino. Ang daming kwento.  There's so much more to talk to. Relate na relate sa mga experiences and challenges here in Germany. She was really accommodating and hospitable just what you expect to Filipinos.

What we have tried is 'my all-time favorite' Sinigang. As always, still the best for me. Even if, we have a chance to cook here in Germany some of Filipino dishes because we have also many Asian stores here, we still long for someone's sinigang. Nothing else to pair it perfectly but rice.

Very Filipino, a jeepney portrait.
It was a wonderful night. We ordered not too much, but our spirit was full. I am looking forward to coming back to this restaurant again and to dine to another Filipino resto here also in Berlin. I'll make chicka, when I do.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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