Museum of Natural History, Berlin (Naturkunde Museum)

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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Last time I wrote about the exhibit we visited here in the Naturkunde Museum in Berlin. I thought it was awesome and really interesting, if you want to check it out it is here-ARTE-FAKTE. Not only this museum held educational and informative exhibits, but also the museum itself was a real catch. I know, museums here in Berlin were just awesome and a must-see. We came here for an educational trip in my Deutsch class. It is located in Invalidenstraße 43, Berlin and just 2 U-Bahn stations away from Friedrichstraße train station. Take the U6 heading to Alt-Tegel and get off to Naturkundemuseum station. It takes less 5 mins. walk from there.

Here is the photo from the outside of the museum.
As a student, we paid only 2 euro each. Worth it! Once you get in, you will be welcomed by this Dino head sneaking at the door. I am excited to go in! The museum presented mostly fossils from Dinos, comets, meteors, preserved animals and everything in between (nature-related).

Here are some preserved animals which still looks as exactly as they are in the wild. 
These three literally stands out the crowd in their actual life size.  That last one looks really familiar with our national animal, carabao. 

There are also preserved animals that are already over centennial old. I think this lovely cheetah here is one of them if I am not mistaken.

From land to deep under the seas, we can see the preserved sea creatures. I think some of them came from the Berlin Zoo (preserved after they died). There are so much to see and learn about these animals that we cannot make face to face in the actual animal kingdom. A really good educational trip for all ages.

Let´s fly high to the bird world. These elusive and smart creatures, we can only see in museums and books. Fascinating!

Andito pala sa Alemanya si Ibong Adarna!


They called this the ´wet collections´, where the preserve approximately a million species through alcohol and water. The place was newly renovated and one of the top-notch collection of species in the world.

The photo here is just a part of the 3-storey collection of species. It was presented in a newly-designed transparent glass for easy visualization of the visitors.

If you want to check out the Animal Kingdom, be back to the dino era and check some fossils, and interested with meteorites. Then, visit Naturkunde Museum! I haven´t check entirely the meteorites section because the entire museum itself has so much to offer. An hour walk into is not enough to digest everything. The representation was well-thought and the preservation was made meticulously in so many species. It was absolutely a day full of learnings and amazement. 

Let's talk again on my next blog.
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