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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hey girl!

Aside from traveling and discovering places, another thing that we are fond of doing is finding good Asian food. Well, firstly home food is still the best, but in a land where there are not so many Filipino restos established yet, we depend on at least the same genre of Asian cuisine. One of the most popular Asian cuisine here in Berlin is Chinese cuisine. I can't blame it, there are lots of Chinese living here in Berlin. Almost every Asian that I passed through the streets is Chinese. We always also mistakenly identified as Chinese by people. 

Back to what I have today, I will be taking you to one of several Asian buffets I've tried so far here in Berlin. Here is Zhou's Five Buffet. We spontaneously went to this buffet for dinner without any expectations. We were hungry and search for buffet nearby and then pop out this buffet. It was a weekday and we don't need any reservation to get in. There were not so many people too. It has two branches in Berlin. We went to the Victoria Center in Markstraße 6 Berlin-Lichtenberg. It is easily accessible via Tram.

When we got there, we didn't expect that the restaurant will look as Luxus as fine dining resto. It was also a bit expensive as the other buffets we have tried. We paid for the Luxus ambiance, several food selections from different countries and service of course. The flat rate for dinner time was 17 euros (exclusive of drinks). It was almost like I had Vikings in the PH. Another thing, I am usually not a foodie. And will not really spend so much energy finding the best food parks, resto or whatever. I always almost tried what it is on my plate. I am not a picky eater too, and definitely not on a diet. In terms of buffet, I can say, I indulge in it only for the experience and not to make my stomach bulge to burst. In short, lugi ako pag buffet. I don't eat so much, but I try a piece of almost anything I like to try. I am also quick to be full.

Without further ado, here are some of the food in Zhou's Five buffet if you are interested to try. 

The usual Asian cuisine with pork, sauce, soup, stir-fried are the common staples. It wasn't complete without the rice on top. When we missed our home food, we seek something Asian and find satisfying dishes that mends our food homesick. Not to mention, thanks to Asian supermarkets also, for bringing some Asian ingredients here in Germany. It was not so hard when you just wanted to eat your comfort food and cook it by yourself as you wanted it. 

Back to the story, so here is the seafood and meat selections. You can let the chef cook fry or barbeque it for you in the counter. Chicken and pork sticks and also shrimps were some that I tried.

The place is well-maintained and clean. There were kind and accommodating Asian servers. One of them asked me where we came from and when I said Philippines, he welcomed us with a smile and said that he was happy to see people from PH. The feeling is mutual.

SALAD, kung umay kana kumain.

One of the most popular also here is the roasted duck (Ente). It is definitely worth a try.  Also, I would like to mention that drinks costs from around 3-10 euros (if I am not mistaken). You can just go here and drink a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. It isn't mandatory to have a buffet. You can order singles too. I observed that on the people on the table next to us, I was all the time wondering, why don't they get up to their seats and get some food while me getting my third plate. It was just they didn't avail buffet. They only have drinks. So, I think it is possible.

Oh my RICE!

I think it will be a good idea to celebrate here some special occasion because the overall ambiance for me was really good and decent. They have plenty of food selections, but based on what I have tried on other cheaper buffet, the taste wasn't that extra. When I wanted to really just have a buffet than I rather be going on the cheaper ones which are just half of the price in this buffet. But because the place was super and spacious, that's where other fees added on.

Next post will be another buffet, Yuuka Buffet!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
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