Affordable Turkish Buffet in Copenhagen: Ankara Restaurant

Monday, February 25, 2019

Hey girl!

Here we are again with the buffets in the city. I don't know but these days I find affordable buffets not only practical but also a wonderful experience. Once again I am not a foodie, but I enjoyed the experience of indulging in buffets and trying out new dishes. Good thing, we were introduced by my beloved auntie to this affordable buffet in Copenhagen. Well yeah, not Danish food this time. It is located in the city center so if you wanted to try some Turkish buffet in Denmark just to cut off the food budget but still enjoy the experience. Then, better visit Ankara Restaurant located in Krystalgade 8-10. 

The buffet costs 59KRR (approx 8 euros). We've been here Saturday brunch and it wasn't that crowded as I expected in a buffet and there were a lot of tables and chairs available. I believe they also do catering here for special occasions. 

The buffet wasn't that much also, but it satisfies the right amount of cravings for new dishes. They have good varieties as well, here they are:


The lively colors, textures and presentation make my appetite go up!

Honestly, I am not into much veggies and salads. But I had a fair share trying out something fresh and of course healthy.


I personally love the main dishes. I remember my Filipino comfort food with thick sauces, stews, and savory flavors. I also like the distinct taste of food. It was a heavy meal. I had rice and couscous. The only thing that I don't like was the fried dishes. Some of them were too greasy for my liking. Other than that, it was affordable and worth to visit especially when you are a traveler on a budget. 


The surroundings were also cozy.  High, transparent ceiling so the natural light helped well with the lightning and cheering up the place. The ambiance was actually just okay. At least the food keeps you going. The place was actually big for their buffet. But at least they were not so full. I don't know if it was always the case. That is all for today. Till our next buffet/food trip!

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