Pinkbox February 2019: Glamour Movie Night

Friday, March 22, 2019

Hey girl!

New beauty subscription alert! Here is my first Pinkbox. It was so good to find another beauty box to discover more beauty products and I didn't regret to subscribe for 6 months. It costs me only 12 euros point something per box and it brought much happiness. Pinkbox has the same concept as Glossybox. They give you surprise 5 beauty and lifestyle products per month. They curate themed and special boxes too. 

As a first timer to this box, I admit that I was impressed with the first box that I got. Here is the rundown of all the products I have in my Pinkbox.

04 Red Aroma Duschgel by Tetesept
Net wt: 200ml
Cost: 3.49 euros (approx: $3.97)

I already tried it and yes, it smelled really good. Also, it softens the skin. 

Argan & Silk Mascara by Seraphine Botanicals
Cost: 21,90 euros (approx: $24.91)

I find this really expensive for my liking, that is why I love subscription boxes. You gotta try products,  you never thought of trying. This vegan mascara has argan oil for eyelash growth. It also doesn´t clump, but it only gives a low to moderate amount of volume. 

Macaron Sponge by Freulein B
Cost: 6,99 euros (approx: $7.85)

Not a fan of sponges, but this cute, lightweight macaron sponge come in handy for liquid foundation blending. 

Lovely Mint Story by Treaclemoon
Net wt: 100ml
Cost: 3,95 euros (approx $4,49)

This one I can relate. This peppermint hair aroma is what I need for an instant fresh feel for the unwanted odor in the environment. The cooling effect of peppermint really helps to start the day relaxing.

Lip-liquid metal by Beetique
Net wt: 4.2 g
Shade: Rich Copper
Cost: 10,95 euros (approx: $12.46)

The packaging was so classy. Although it was in a metallic shade, it was something that I could wear (still not on a daily though). Look how it looks like when worn on my unboxing video.

That´s it! I regretted to find out a month late this Pinkbox. The vibe was really a step better than my Glossybox. Another thing, I also got a snack in my movie night box. Cool eh? I am satisfied with this curated box. March box on the next post.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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