Pinkbox March 2019: Flower Power

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Hey girl!

Hello Spring. Finally, I have experienced the real spring. Lol. The flowers are blossoming and the trees are getting green again. It was a beautiful sight. Since the Springtime was officially up this March, the Pinkbox have curated the Flower Power box themed for Spring. I also got a bonus COUCH Magazine (which I hope I will get also on the following boxes). It is a lifestyle magazine. Something I am sure, that I will have the interest to read. 

First of all, since it was my second box of Pinkbox, This was my first time to see their actual classic fuschia pink box. I was like, yey Pink! Super Pink! As I mentioned in my last unboxing of Glossybox March 2019 Beauty School, I was more like hooked to this box rather than the former. Maybe, I am a drugstore junkie. As far as I read some of the reviews for Pinkbox, they say it was full of drogeries. Or should we say drugstore brands or products.  Well, as for me, I like this box maybe because I like to have these kinds of items. Drugstore Make-up, Lotions, Handcreams, Shampoo, etc.

As to my Glossybox, I still continue my monthly subscription to them because as a trusted subscription box, I know there will always something that I will discover. Itemwise that will be useful for me I guess, so far I am good with my Pinkbox. On the other hand, Glossybox still spicing things up with unexpected beauty/lifestyle products.

Without further ado no more, Here is my Pinkbox March 2019 Flower Power. That was a long intro. 

Beetique Lipgloss Holo
Cost: 11.95 euro (approx: $13.42)
Net wt: 2.2 ml

Here is the coolest item in the box. A holographic lipgloss. It was so cool! It was super wearable. I have said it before, I am never a fan of lipgloss but the lipgloss game here are different from what I don't like. When worn on lips, it will not be so much of a holo anymore. It has a holo pigment but in a cool way. I got the dope antidote shade which reminds me of unicorns.

Alverde Naturkosmetik Shimmer Rouge in 10 Secret Rose
Net wt: 9g
Cost: 3.95 euros (approx: $4.44)

I was excited to have this one because I still don't have a powder shimmer yet and as a bonus, I got this shimmer rouge with the function of a blush, highlight and bronzer shimmer. Super loved it!

Waltz7 Duschbombe Rose and Orange
Cost: 1.49 euro each (approx: $1.67)
Net wt: 21 g

I still don't know where and when to use these babies, but surely it will be a good time. 

Bilou Handschaum Daisy Hands and Cremeschaum Snow Rose
Handschaum: 75 ml/ 3.95 euros (approx: $4.44)
Cremeschaum: 150ml/ 3.95 euros (approx: $4.44)

I was wrong that I though the cremeschaum was a hand soap. Lol It was actually a creme lotion, and the other one was a usual hand mousse. What is sure was, the scent of these two was just heaven. 

Peony Cosmetics Cult Lashes
Cost: 20 euros (approx: $22.46)
Net wt: 8ml

Wow, this one was so expensive. This was also my second mascara from Pinkbox and so far these expensive mascaras were too much for me to buy, but I will never run out of space for these babies in my kikay kit. I love mascaras. Gimme more, something that I love but I can't afford. Lol!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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