Pink Box April 2019: 7th Birthday (Geburtstag!)

Thursday, April 25, 2019


It's Pinkbox Birthday Month! They are celebrating this month their 7th birthday. Just like a kid's debut, they prepared something special for this month. I was excited because I am actually rooting for Pinkbox before I knew about Lookfantastic box. Maybe now, you can call me a subscription princess but I think being an enthusiast makes it cheaper for me to subscribe than buy products directly. Plus the fact that I can also learn about new products I can't hardly see in the market. 

Back to Pinkbox, they package their box this time like a gift box. A beautiful much like a painted flower in a box makes it really pretty. Let's check what is inside the box.

S. Oliver Black Label
Net wt: 30ml
Cost: 20.99 Euro

My favorite among all the products. The scent was really something you look forward to smelling. Maybe to some, it will be a little bit overpowering, but once it settles on your skin. It smells like a flower. It reminds me of Sampaguita flower from the Philippines.

SebaMed Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Serum
Net wt: 30ml
Cost: 9.95 Euro

I haven't used this yet, but this one looks interesting because it was anti-pollution skincare product. It will be good to use when I go outdoors.

Papanga Spiral hairbands Classic Edition 'Big'
2 pieces/ 2.60 Euro

This was really expensive for 2. something Euro only for 2 pieces hairbands. There was nothing special about it. I can buy it in my homeland for l euro at least 10 pieces or more.

LVLY by Paola Maria Eye Cream
Net wt: 15ml
Cost: 4.95 Euro

This was the second best thing I like about this box. Usually, eye creams are really expensive and even if I wanted to indulge in eye creams, I cannot. Eye cream from time to time in a beauty box will be a pleasant surprise.

Rdel Young Rainbow Shimmer Palette #01 Last Unicorn
Net wt: 13g
Cost: 3.49 Euro

It can be bought in drugstores here in Germany and although it is a unicorn-themed palette, it doesn't make me excited since I usually don't wear eyeshadows. Plus, I am not into shimmery eyeshadows too. Let's see where I can use this eyeshadow.

Rdel Young Crazy Matt'n'Lasting, #08 Miss Kiss
Cost: 1.79 Euro

It is a new product from the same brand of the eyeshadow that I got that is available in Rossman. I have tried it and it was really matte. I don't get the matte lipgloss thing. Lipgloss supposedly makes your lips plump and not looking dry. If you want to look sick then wear this matte gloss. I was disappointed with this one. 

As a birthday gift on their birthday (sounds good), we also received a 200ml sparkling wine which I find really delicious.

3 products stand out. 2 were not awesome. 1 is so-so. Overall, I still love Pinkbox. The make-up products this time were just not my type. But the skincare products were really worth it. 


Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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