Filipino Food in Berlin, Germany: Pinoy Restaurant + Vlog

Saturday, May 04, 2019


Happy weekend. Finally, we've already been to the second Filipino restaurant here in Berlin. As of writing, when you searched for Filipino restaurant here in Berlin, there will be 3 options but 2 of them were, as far as I know, still operating. Last time, I told you about AYAN Filipino Streetfood which actually caters not about street food but most likely our warm food in general.

PINOY Restaurant from the outside

This time around, we will further eat more Filipino food. Here is Ate Rosalinda the owner of the Filipino Restaurant here in Berlin. She is a very hands-on owner. She cooked every Filipino dishes in the restaurant. You can also easily talk to her because she was so friendly too. Also, her nice daughter helped her in serving dishes and some Filipino loved ones too. The restaurant itself was bigger than AYAN. They have more tables to dine in and I bet small family gatherings was also perfect to celebrate here in this restaurant. 

Well, you will guess it instantly. You are in a Filipino Restaurant because of some decorations around like Barong Tagalog, Magic Sing and a huge Rice Terraces wall decor. 

It was our first time and we were hungry. Because we were the last costumers that day, we were lucky because the food was served faster. The second time that we went here in lunchtime, we have to wait a little more (or maybe it depends also with the dishes that you order, whether it will be faster to cook or not). Anyway, here is what we got on our first visit here. I didn't have a chance to took a photo on our second visit because we were so hungry.

Here is our order: 

4.5 euros

19.50 euros

9.5 euros

9.5 euros

8.50 euros

It may seem like a bit expensive. That is true. But we are here not just to feed our appetite but also support Filipino restaurant here in Berlin. We can easily come back here if we crave something we don't usually can't cook like 'Laing'. Considering, it was not also that easy to find some ingredients of our Filipino dishes plus some are expensive too. Overall, it was a good time. We were happy to visit ate Rosalinda and her restaurant.

Here is our VLOG when we visited PINOY Restaurant here in Berlin

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