Glossy box May 2019: Say YES Unboxing

Saturday, June 15, 2019


Hey girl!

Let's talk about the theme for the last month's Glossybox; Say YES. If we think of it in a split second, it was harder to say NO than to say YES actually. It is safe to give an easy YES than explaining yourself with a NO. When was the last decision you made that you definitely say fully YES to it? Not just a simple YES in a question answerable by yes or no but something that you really want to do and decide to really do it and commit to it. Something that took a leap of you to say YES. What was it? In this perspective it was easier to say NO than to decide a big YES, right? In this matter, yes or no question shouldn't be that easy to answer and even without somebody asking, you should follow up your answer with the question WHY? Why? Not only to explain more to the person your speaking to but also to reflect yourself the decision you made.

Back to our Glossybox this May, here are the products I received on my box.

BEW - Beira Nail Polish by Uslu Airlines
Cost: 17 Euro/6ml
           21 Euro/11ml

I am not usually into nail polish because I don't normally use them on a daily, but this nail polish shade was like almost reddish transparent and I think it was perfect for me. Aside from the strong acetone smell of this nail polish, the packaging was cute and dried faster than I thought. I could use one coat and I am fine.

Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette by Sleek Make-Up
Cost: 12.95 Euro/6g

The sun is slowly shining and I wanted to shine more. I have to give some space for this highlighting palette. The soft color combination of this palette was a eye-candy for me. The palette itself was lightweight. I have the variant of gorgeous shade of 3 cream highlighter and 2 powder highlighter. It can be use on not only on cheeks but also can be layer on eyelids and lips as well. 

Arcaya Cleansing Miracle
Cost: 21.50 Euro/200ml
              5.25 Euro/50ml

This little thing was good to bring for travels, to wash up face dirt and make-up residues. It was so mild to use.

Jelly Shot by INC.REDIBLE
Cost: 7.99 Euro

I find this jelly shot super pretty (like I don't want to use it). I love the hydrating effect and it was light to use. The packaging was obviously super.

Lavandel Beruhigende Kopfhaut-Pflege Lotion L'Oreal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care
Cost: 9.95 Euro/150ml

Hair care! Heaven. It was like a spa-like feeling every time I use this. The lavender effect was so relaxing when massaging to the scalp. I need more of this.

That is my May box. the variety on this box was promising. The scalp lotion and cleanser was helpful, while the jelly shot and the nail polish was interesting. Of course, the palette was special. How do you find your box?

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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