Pinkbox June 2019: Beach Baby

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Hey girl!

Summertime is here. Outings, beach, summer break, outdoor activities and a lot of spending under the sun. My perspective on appreciating the weather changed a lot when I came here in Germany. Since I experienced the different season, I know TIME changes and so is the weather drastically. I never appreciate the sun so much in my life because I just took it for granted. Whenever the sun shines in a country with a cold season, everyone was delighted. And now the sun doesn't just shine, it will also be hotter unlike before the coming week (just like back home or maybe much worse).  Aside from enjoying cheerful activities outdoors, we should also bear in mind how to protect ourselves in a striking heat under the sun. 

This June box, Pinkbox curated products for a beach babe who are ready to conquer the sea and sand. I thought it was just right for the season. Here is what I got in my box.

Enzian and Quellwasser Haarmaske by Pure 97
Cost: 3.95 Euro/200ml

Aside from a burned, tanned skin, what we are also concerned about when it is too hot was a dry, damaged hair. We don't forget once in a while to have a hair spa treatment at home using hair mask and hair creams. I'm glad to get this. I still use other hair treatment products to my hair at the moment and will try this as soon as I run out.

Yves Rocher Duftspray Kokonuss (Perfume Mist - Coconut)
Cost: 15.90 Euro/ 100ml

Yves Rocher came with refreshing summer scents including Mango-Koriander und Himbeere-Pfefferminze. I got the Kokonuss which I am not so much fan of, but 'es geht!' (it's fine). 

Edelweiss SonnenMilch LSF 30 by Weleda
Cost: 19.95 Euro

What I don't like with sunblocks is when it was too think to apply, leave white patches and you have to rub it hard until it blends to your skin (unless you want that white patches). I am happy that they include sunblock in this box because it was relevant since it is summer time. But the product itself wasn't top based on my sunscreen game. Although it gives me enough protection, it gives me enough hassle too. 

AktivKohle Multi Masking und Multi Effect Masking by Schaebens
Cost: AktivKohle 2x5ml 1.50 Euro/ Multi Effect 3x3ml 1.50 Euro

I have tried their mask before, I find it really interesting how they made it 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 mask which made specifically to target areas. I have here two variants and I am just as excited to use it. 

Cold wax strips by VEET
Cost: 2.99 Euro/ 8 Stück

I haven't tried cold strips before only the hot wax. Let us see how this one goes. This will be helpful, I know. 

The curation of the box was actually good, I have something for hair, sunscreen, mist, body strip and for the face. I just thought the products weren't just right for me. Like it will be a lot better for me if I got the right scent on my mist, the sunscreen would be great but the product itself was so-so, 2 pieces mask wasn't so much impressive, cold wax was okay. Only the hair mask would be the only best for me in this box. That would be for my June Pinkbox.

Wait! I would like to add. I am so glad to have my Couch magazine and a Summer romantic novel together with this box. I hope they have this every month.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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