Pinkbox May 2019: Beauty-saurus Unboxing

Monday, June 10, 2019

Hey girl!

I was a little too late for posting my May beauty boxes because I was too occupied with unexpected, temporary people which was nerve-wracking. Lol. Let's get started with this Beautysaurus Box from Pinkbox. Oh, this tiny little box keeps my adrenaline that makes me want to have more. I wasn't expecting for a Dino-themed month last May and I am loving the creativity of this box. so, what is in my May 2019 Dinosaurus box?

Eve's Ready To Wear Lipstick by TEEEZ
Shade: Romantic Red
Cost: 18 Euro

They say, you cannot have enough red lipstick. You will never go wrong. This creamy red lippie was too much for a daily for me, but a real bomb red when you are up for some exciting bright red color. The packing was lovely and creatively done. I like how they put some thought on the packaging too. When you look from the top of the lipstick tube, you will see the demagnified version of the lippie which I find cute and amusing. Nonetheless, the lipstick gave a blushy stain when worn out which looks good on the lips.

Lidschattenpinsel (Eyeshadow brush) by Freulein B.
Cost: 8.95 Euro

Tools! My top beauty top as of the moment was powder and blush brush. Though I am not into putting so much eyeshadows nowadays, this will still come in handy. The light pink/peachy handle was girly. It is sturdy and lightweight, but a little too pricey for me (if I will purchase myself). Maybe I can use this for now for my liquid foundations. More tools Pinkbox, please.

HandCreme 'Creme De La Creme' by Merci Handy
Cost: 30ml (5 Euro)

I am never a fan of hand creams until I went here in Europe. This hand cream made in France smells so good that you want to put more of it. Well, I guess taking care of our hands is also that important.

1-Minute-Thermo-Maske mit AktivKohle by Biore
Cost:4 sachets x 7g (UVP 4,99 Euro)

Upon writing, I already finished the 4 sachets that I have. The mud pack was really relaxing at the same time refreshing on the face. A quick squeaky clean face bath, really.

Meersalz-Öl Duschpeeling Samthaut and Detox Pure by tetesept/tetesept
Cost: 50g (1.49 Euro)
         40g (1.39 Euro)

I have not really tried these two and now they are pilling up in my bath box. This bath salt which contains minerals helps clean the skin with a little peeling action. It has almond oil to prevent the skin from drying. The other bath salt which also contains minerals was for revitalizing the body, just like in a spa.

Goodie: Nagelfeile by Senzera
Oh, hey! Another goodie tool. Together with it is a discount coupon in a waxing company called Senzera.

What is your Dino pin? Stegosaurus

(Source: Pinkbox Magazine)

Sein auffälligstes Erkennungsmerkmal waren seine doppelreihig angeordneten, bis zu sechzig Zentimeter hohen Knochenplatten, die vom Halsansatz bis zr Schwanzbasis den gesamten Rücken entlang verliefen. Am Schwanzende besaß er zudem mehrere spitze und große Stacheln, die ihm vermutlich dazu dienten, sich gegen Angreifer zur Wehr zu setzen.

His most striking feature was his double-rowed, up to sixty centimeters high bone plates, which ran from the neck to the base of the tail along the entire back. At the tail end, he also had several sharp and large spines, which probably served to set him against attackers to defend.

Lastly, here are some good reads from Pinkbox which I love getting every time. The house idea magazine was so helpful for me. Now, it boosts my decorating game again which I also like to do. The mini pocketbook come in handy for my German language practice.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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