Pink box August 2019: Millennial Pink

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hey girl!

My Pinkbox just came in my mail today. Oh yeah, can I say that I am up to date this time? Well. The theme of the box today was current, fresh, lovely and exciting: Millennial Pink. As a girly girl, I appreciate this kind of theme. Almost every kikay girl loves Pink. I am too excited as I unbox and share it with you girl. Here's what I have in my box. 

Slay Today Multi-Purpose Hydrating cream by No Cosmetics
Cost: 12.95 Euro/ 50ml

Skincare! Oh yes. It promises a fast-acting moisturizing that is the key to beautiful skin. Impressive. Simple, straight-forward marketing. I tried it today. It makes my skin look more hydrated and the scent of the cream was like citrusy which I like. So far, so good.

Make up remover washpad by Waschies
Cost: 5,99 Euro/ pc

This is not the first time I got a wash pad makeup remover. My first one (which is what I currently use) is from my last month´s Lookfantastic box by Glov. This one was also a soft, fine washcloth made from microfiber. You can feel instantly its softness. I haven't actually tried it, but generally, just like my first microfiber washcloth that I have,  it cleanses the face without putting anything on it except water. It is reusable. The downside, even if I haven't used it, it already has cloth fallouts. Not a lot, but you know it is not sturdily made.

Spiral Hair Elastics by Invisibobble
Cost: 4,95/3 pcs

How cute these spiral elastics are? The overall presentation of the product and packaging were really attractive. Though, it is for me expensive to get these 3 elastics for almost 5 euros. It is cute and perfect for the theme of the box.

Tasty Donut - Duschschaum, Cremeschaum, and Body Spray by Bilou
Cost: 3.95 Euro/each

I have tried the hand foam and cream foam from Bilou. The scent was always lovely. These trio -lotion, shower foam, and body spray were the perfect combination for this cute millennial pink box. All of them has a sweet scent like a donut! Not sweeter than you think, though. 

Sunny Splash by Dental Delight
Cost: 2.95 Euro/75ml

Haven't used it yet. This month I got 2 tubes of toothpaste on my boxes. Not my favorite thing but I find it interesting because it is my first time to see from the brand. Looks promising with its grapefruit and mint flavor.

My Goodie! A pink glittered postcard.

Millennial Pink
I thought Pinkbox nailed it in this theme. Although the products were not on top individually, I believe all of these products are for daily use and is essential. 

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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