Glossybox September 2019: Day and Night Edition

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Hey girl!

I am so back with this September. I hope I can go back to my rhythm of writing some more interesting things here aside from unboxing beautyboxes. Anyways, Glossybox has something just right in my season the day and night beautybox edition. Just to connect some things, I've been starting my night shift and was MIA for all the happening in the world for a while. Then, I was just surprised to find out that this month's theme for glossy was this one. This was curated for day and night routine. Here is the my unboxing. 

Judith's Easy and Fast Make-up by Judith Williams Cosmetics
Cost: 9.95 Euro
Net wt: 30ml

This water-based make up tint just makes it easy just like its name for quick finish look. It hydrates at the same time it has tint to cover up for a natural look.  

Manna Kadar Beauty
Cost: 26,00 Euro
Net wt: 10ml

My fave beauty essential of all time. Nothing goes wrong for me when it comes to mascara. This mascara looks special just like its spiral curves. Its wand looks spiral too for more volume, extension of lashes. 

Syoss Renew 7
Cost: 2.95 Euro
Net wt: 400ml

After unboxing I immediately tried this shampoo and I was not disappointed. Softer hair after first use guaranteed. I've seen this many times in the market and I knew it was a good brand but I find it a little expensive than other brands that I use. 

True + Luscious Camera Powder
Universal Setting Powder
Cost: 26,00 Euro
Net wt: 5.5g

I used to like setting powder because I have oily skin before which now improved to combi skin to mattify my face, but some setting pwder when you have darker skintone although it says transparent setting powder, it casts white on the skin which I don't like. I still have my setting powder from Essence which I seldom use. Let's see how it goes on this one. 

L.O.V Cosmetics Lovinity Long Lasting Nail Lacquer
No.250 Deep Red Drama
Cost: 5.99 Euro
Net wt: 11ml

As much as I love to color my nails, 'es geht nicht' haha! It just simply means it is not possible due to work. But I still have toe nails to color with this lovely deep red drama. I love its name just like its color. Perfect.  

The Verdict. 3/5 My personal favorite in this box was the shampoo. And the mascara? will always be my all time fave, as long as it will not smudge.


Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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