Pink box September 2019: Wild Nature

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Hey girl!

Here is the last beauty box we have for September. I was surprised with Pinkbox with all these lifestyle products they have in this month which is themed as Wild Nature. Yes, this time our beloved Pinkbox is not pink, but green. They would like to emphasize in this month's theme that these products were not just good for people but also for nature. Let us see what we have here.

Express Handcreme by Sante Naturkosmetik
Cost: 2,95 Euro
Net wt: 75ml

The season of dry hands will come as the air becomes cold and dry. Hand creams will come in handy again to keep the hands smooth and smelling good too.

Bade-Esseny Goodbye Stress by Kneipp
Cost: 4,99 Euro
Net wt: 100ml

My bath essentials were now pilling up and I am excited to really use the products that I have. This one was a great addition with anti-stress essence for positive vibes.

Guava Butter Lip and Cheek Stain by Seraphine Botanicals
Cost: 21,60 Euro/piece

We'll never go wrong with lip and cheek tint. It was handy and multi-tasking. The shade was a natural perfect shade for daily use. Additionally, it was vegan and 91% natural. I was just shocked by the price. It was expensive.

Wonderleaf by Juniper Lane
Cost: 14,99 Euro
Net wt: 15ml

My favourite in this box! I would really love to receive some scents and perfumes in the box. I have the scent of 3 flowers with this Wonderleaf Ylang Ylang, Rose and Jasmine with the accent of Mandarine and Sandelholz. Smelling it was really refreshing and lovely.

Belebendes Waschgel by Garnier
Cost: 5,95 Euro
Net wt: 150ml

This bio-lemongrass oil wash gel was so much hydrating. After washing the face, I could see the instant hydration. Perfect for cold and dry days.

Naturschön Glanz Shampoo by Alverde Naturkosmetik
Cost: 2,95 Euro
Net wt: 200ml

Well, I actually don't mind getting shampoo on my box as long as it smells good! Lol. I haven't tried this one yet because I am still not over with my new shampoo Syoss from my other box. It wasn't my first time to try from this brand and I should say so far it was quite good and budget-friendly.

I was impressed by the curation of this month's box. I love all of the lifestyle products in the box. All were in full sizes and good essentials for daily. I am used to getting make-up drugstore products in Pinkbox but yeah they curate great special boxes too.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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