Glossybox October 2019: Creme de la creme Edition

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Hey girl!

We are in the last quarter of the year. This supposed to be the happy months coming, Well I am biased October is my favourite. But on the other side, we are also expecting cold days and grey skies. This could be the reason for unproductivity. The bed weather is not bad after all.  At least for me. Glossybox curated some of the wellness essentials for a relaxing staycation either at home or somewhere else. Here are what I got on my box.

Merci Handy Handcreme
Cost: 5 Euro
Net wt: 30ml

I still have the blue one of this handy hand creme. This time is with this cherry scent. Well, hand cremes are not a bad idea during these cold days because the weather crazily dries the hands so fast. I've never understood the idea of hand cremes until I've lived in a country with cold-weather days.

Alverde Naturkosmetik Sugar Lip Scrub
Cost: 2.45 Euro
Net wt: 8ml

I used to make my own sugar lip scrub because my lips tend to dry a lot. This cutie from Alverde will make it hassle-free. Although I know this tiny tube will not last for so long. Of course, it was expensive for this tiny portion. You can always DIY for a less expensive alternative. 

Rituals Interior Perfume (The Ritual of Happy Buddha)
Sample size: 50ml (5 Euro)
Original Product: 500ml (25,90 Euro)

As part of being a 'tita' mode now is you appreciate lovely scents at home. I have an air spray, automatic air freshener at the room, a scented candle and now this. A lovely scented surrounding makes my life calming, peaceful and productive. Like really!

Babor Hip Hip Hydra
Cost: 19.90 Euro for 7 ampoules *2ml each

This is the featured product of the month. I already tried and finished one set of this kind of intensive moisturizing ampoules and all I say is, it definitely works! If you are obsessed with moisturizing your face just like me now. These ampoules are one hit on the go.  

Wella Professional Invigo Color Brillance Vibrant Color Mask
Cost: 22,50 Euro
Net wt: 150ml

This is basically a hair mask for coloured hair. The condition of my hair right now is partly colored and partly naturally grown. It makes the coloured hair more vibrant at the same time of course conditions it because we knew it, treatment like colouring also tends to dry the hair. This brand is also what I already used and tested in PH. So, I know it works.

Our all time favorite fast masks from Schaebens!

That's it for my October babies from Glossy. What have you got this month? Which is your favorite? Mine are the moisturizing ampoules and the room perfume.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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