What I learned living independently

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Photo by Felipe Cespedes from Pexels

This will be a spontaneous blog and a personal post.

The shift from dependence to independence could be a roller-coaster phase in life. You are either excited or reluctant about it because yes, new chapters or beginnings are really exciting and challenging at the same time. It is liberating and you get to know more about yourself. That is true to all. What could be the positive things you could learn about it, here is my take:

Embrace yourself

Self-love. You take care of yourself and that is one of the most important parts of positively living on your own. There will be times you struggle in your love-hate relationship with your own self. Be patient because that is one way of learning more about you. It is not a selfish act to give yourself a top priority and you will see how your relationship with others improves naturally within you. It is also a good foundation for your own core. Outside factors will eventually push pressure against you and there will be times you have to pick yourself up from these struggles. Then, you can confidently go back to yourself knowing that you build it with a good foundation of self-trust, self-love, self-care and many other strong behaviours that will not easily be shuttered.

You learn to decide for yourself

There are some decisions that we let others do for us because we trust them and that keeps us in our comfort zone. But this time, there are many things now that you will face and decide for yourself. Whether will it be physical things, engaging with new habits or creating new relationships. Yes, it is true, adulting is hard. You'll know it when you get to it. It is usually easy to say before you actually become one but trust me, you knew it when you are actually in this stage of your life.  This time you'll make the smallest and biggest decisions of your life. It could be a reluctant start but you will eventually deal with it and be actually so proud of the good decisions you personally made.

Your own your privacy

Your space, your own, your crib. No one judge you but yourself. You enjoy the peace and quiet. You enjoy the music at your tempo. That's what living independently offers. It will be an exciting and liberating phase when you know you are at home with yourself. A place you with your identity to it, a place you yourself built and created.

You take charge of responsibility for yourself

As a grown-up, you make decisions that will make or break you. But this time, you take full charge of the responsibility for it. That is why self-care is important. You start it within your core and you will be amazed how far you could do more for yourself and others.

You have your own pace

This is what makes it a unique experience for us. We learn to know our capabilities and limitations that open a pathway of opportunities. You learn to jive at your own music and deal with it according to our own pace. It is a part of learning more about yourself and potentials.

It is not always easy to decide when are you ready to give yourself the full independence yourself needs. But eventually, it will come to us. Other than making it more difficult as it is. Make positive changes and grab it as an advantage of building something new for yourself. Something your future self will be proud of. 

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