Lookfantastic box May 2020: Botanical Edition

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Hey girl!

Last day of May and now we are on our mid-year and getting ready for Summer. Well, the weather is cooperating very well with the mood. I just wanted to always be outside with nature and enjoy the breeze of the wind and the sunlight. As to our May LF box today they are also one with the nature with this Botanical Edition, which brought us these month products that are eco-friendly and plant-based. Here we go.

Wipe Out eco-friendly microfibre cleansing cloth by Magn!tone London
Worth: £10/ piece

I now have a few of this kind and what I always like about it is, it is reusable which makes it eco-friendly. Not only that it is really gentle and lives to its promise to.

100% Natural Moisturizing  Colour Lip Tint in Sweet Potato by Dr Lipp
Net wt: 3ml
Worth: £3

This is such a tiny tinted lipgloss that is easy to carry anywhere. Well, it could pass as a sample size. But yeah, in every grill party you just wanted it lightweight and this one is sure fits in every purse. It has natural-looking, subtle tint that comes from sweet potato. What can I say, sweet!

Mini Eyebrow Gel by Eyeko
Worth: £10

The last brow gel that I have was from Benefit and I actually didn't a lot in my life. My brows are always been so obedient and loyal to me and it doesn't actually need a lot of fixing but this sure one will helps, Since it is tinted, it doesn't just keep it in place but also fills it up. I already have decent brows to begin with and I am not a fan of filling it thick. I usually go for natural-looking and a swipe of this does both.

Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Resurfacing Duo Moisturizer
Net wt: 50ml
Worth: £100

Luxus skincare from LF, this is the reason I signed in to this. Not only I am now really a fan of skincare products but also this is the kind of luxury products that I wanted to have, but too thrifty to spend my money into and getting this in my beauty boxes is just an angel in disguise, Well, it is not my first with Avant and I already finished a tube of skincare from them and I am satisfied with the moisturizing effects. This one here is for tightening and smoothening of the skin for a youthful face containing Sweet Almond Oils, Shea Butter Hyaluronic acid.

Hydra-Biome Probiotic Superdose Face Mask by Korres
Net wt: 20ml
Worth: £9.40

I already have indulged myself twice into this Yohgurt face mask and it was refreshing and soothing to the face. Then, I realized this is the new face mask routine that I  could substitute with my fun masks. Apply and rinse.

Hyaluronic Plumping Mist by Balance Me
Net wt: 10ml
Worth: £10

This supposedly replaces the toner part of the skincare routine and provide some quick fix. I haven't still tried it as of writing, but this one is interesting. It helps in hydration, moisturization and brightening effects.  

And that concludes the beauty box haul from LF for today! Happy 1st of June tom! :)

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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