Pinkbox July 2020: Under the Sea

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Hey girl!

I just got my box some days ago. I was mesmerized by this month's Pink box theme 'Under the Sea' as I unboxed it. The creativity and graphics were just a bomb, but unfortunately, the choices of products don't suffice the expectation of the box bomb theme. Okay, it was my first time to not be inspired with the products inside the Pinkbox but, at least they got the cute box though.

Nail polish by Anny
Cost: 9,99 Euro
Net wt: 15ml
Shade: Cool Kale

I find the shade beautiful. It is something I will wear if I am into nail polishes. Unfortunately, I am not that so much into it. 

Maximum Protection Fresh Deospray by Rexona
Cost: 2,79 Euro
Net wt: 150ml

I am not into deo products on my boxes because for me I believe it is something personal that you use daily that you don't change as much. Well, the spray will not hurt though. It could be used for maximum protection for sweaty outdoor activities this summer.

Hydromaske by Alverde Naturkosmetik
Cost: 0.95 Euro
Net wt: 15ml

I said it before I am okay with having mask once in a while in my boxes, but if I am getting it on a monthly then, I don't want it anymore. But this baby it still well-accepted as hydration boost this sunny weather.

20100 Shining by Lord and Berry
Shade: Antique Pink
Cost: 20 Euro
Net wt: 3,5g

This is my only fave product in the box. It is a crayon lipstick with a peachy red shade that is great for summer.

Sweet Vanilla Duschgel by B├╝bchen
Cost: 1,85 Euro
Net wt: 230ml

Don't get me wrong, this shower gel was fun and has a sweet scent, but I feel like it is like a child's shower gel. As much as I want the scent, I would like to receive in my box more for young adult products.


On a positive note, I had a lot of fun reading the Couch magazine incorporated into my box. That's something I also love about this box was its monthly lifestyle magazine issue which is so much helpful!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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