The most liveable city: Vienna, Austria + Vlog

Friday, July 10, 2020

The last stop in our Austria adventure was a train ride from Salzburg to Vienna. After we enjoyed the nature side of Salzburg, we are now ready for some city exploration and find out why is this called the most livable city of 2019. 
Our Vienna tour was actually short but productive. We visited some of the common touristy places that we don't regret missing out when visiting Vienna. Well, our radar is good enough when I and my travel buddy were exploring together. That is what we were actually good of: to roam around the city and explore up until our feet can. And here are some of the places we discovered.

Our first stop is this shopping area in Graben. This is where many tourists flock. I can't deny why this is a must-visit in Vienna. We had a great time strolling around and breaking our necks to the side to side fascinating architecture in there. You can barely recognize the shops because it blends well with the grand old town theme of the shopping walkway. It was definitely crowded but it was worth a visit. 


In the mid-afternoon, we went to the Belvedere Palace just to explore its outside grounds. Due to our constrained time, we only plan to visit the superficials of places with big architectures like palaces and museums because we can't buy more time. As expected,  the grounds of the palace consumed enough of our time and truth to be told, I am still not used to the palace's charm. It was always a dreamy experience for me even if I am seeing it from the outside.

Before it gets dark, we made sure to visit Prater, a carnival with its famous old giant Ferris wheel. Good that we were into the season when the giant Ferris wheel is up. It is not the largest that I've seen and not that grandiose as you think it was but, every Vienna kid's memories with carnival rides and play take part on this and the grand Ferris wheel stands tall and saw them all.  It is been one of the symbols of Vienna. We had fun watching kids on the rides and we tried some local sweets along the way. It stands 65m tall and gives a breathtaking view of the city of Danube.

Carnival vibe

Before we head out to our final route: Naschmarkt, to get some food and check out their local market. We decided to have some rest beside the Kunsthistorische museum from the city walk all day. This seemed to be a favourite spot for a lot of young people to meet friends and have chit chats. We enjoyed our quiet time under the shade of tall groomed plants in the area. The ambience was just relaxing. 

Chillin outside the Kunsthistorische Museum Wien

Another interesting place we visited was what they called the 'Hundertwasserhaus' which is named after its designer artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. It is definitely a well-visited place by tourists. Good thing that my travel buddy searched about it beforehand and we planned to visit it. On-site, the place was actually occupied by tenants/locals. It was like a normal apartment artistically built. Near the place was a hostel and restaurant which I believe is almost always fully booked by tourists. We had a good time looking around and checking out the area. Quicky and colourful, indeed!


Just like any other European country, Vienna was also surrounded by architecturally fascinating churches, that you can't help but stare and stop-by. Look at the back to back Votivkirsche and Karlskirche.


In Naschmarkt, I was delighted to see fresh crops and street food. It was a long straight walk side by side market with all different stalls and restaurant and fresh produce. We had fun looking around and look what I found, a Lechon on the side market. We had a hard time deciding what to eat because of the choices around. We end our trip here to grab our dinner and get back to the airport going back in Berlin.

If I would think back and reminisce the trip, I saw both sides of what Vienna could offer a balance city-living life where you could enjoy not only the stunning spots and recreations but also the abundant consumer goods. No doubt why it was always on the top list for a decade. Of course, the social environment, political and health factors come into play too. 

To end up this blog is my VLOG. Here are the clips I gathered during our trip to Vienna. Enjoy watching!

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