Pinkbox September 2020: Interstellar

Friday, September 18, 2020


Hey girl!

How are you all doing? It is getting colder again. I guess I would be staying in the following days at home, chilling and enjoying my tea and blogging maybe. My boxes were ready to be unboxed for more than a week and since I am mostly out, I didn't find the time to unbox it. But today will be a back to back unboxing day for both of my beauty boxes.  Let us start with my Pinkbox! I was surprised with its intergalactic theme for this month. I didn't really expect that. But Pinkbox is stepping up their game with exciting themes every month I should say and this box keeps getting good. I'll show you what is inside my box.

Metal Liquid Liner by Look by Bipa
Net wt: 3g
Worth: 3.45 Euro


This unboxing should start with something sparkly or shiny and  I got this metallic liquid liner in the shade of copper. It is a brown metallic liquid liner that will surely stand out. I am not used to be using different colour as eyeliner aside from black but look at that lovely brown shade. Though it looks glittery, no it is not messy and non-transferrable as it dries out fast as well.

Caviar Day cream by etre belle
Net wt: 15ml
Worth: 15.75 Euro

The last time I remember having caviar was on my nail product, and now on my facial day cream. This cream has a mild, fresh scent which I love and because it has active ingredients of caviar and gold, it makes the skin looks radiant and glowy.

Pink Pomelo Rose Shower Gel by Treaclemoon
Net wt: 375ml
Worth: 2.95 Euro

The shower gel I will not complain about having in my box was from Treaclemoon. I've been having these babies for a while now and I am enjoying every new bath scent that I am getting. This month's scent would be Pomelo Rose. It makes bathing so fun.

Eye cream firming care by GRN-Shades of Nature
Net wt: 15ml
Worth: 12.95 Euro

I think I've said it before. eye creams are the products I am always looking forward of having in my box. I don't always get it, but for sure it is worth to try every time. This eye cream is a certified organic product and enriched with almond and olive. I am not a fan of the combination of scent when I tried it, but it surely is good for my skin and eco-friendly too.

Humble Brush by The Humble and Co.
Worth: 3.85 Euro/ piece

I am trying to relate this product to the theme of intergalactic and here's is my idea. This humble brush which is made of 100% bio bamboo material (handle) and nylon 6 for the (brush) with fun different colors (which I got pink, Thank you!) to choose from. It has a unique design and eco-friendly, but not only that, this brush was developed to help children with dental needs which means every purchase of the product goes a part of it to donate in a non-profit organization to give smiles on children. Now that is helping out our intergalactic planet. Good job Pinkbox for this.

Sour Cherry by 28 Black
Net wt: 250ml
Worth: 1.49 Euro

I am not a fan of energy drink, since I still have more to give, Lol. I had one before from this brand and I enjoyed it in one of my battle night shifts. Well, maybe this will be in handy for the next night shift coming up.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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