Pinkbox November 2020: Cosy feelings

Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Hey girl!

The time has come for bed weather. I am lucky enough to enjoy the cosiness of the weather at home for the coming weeks. This lockdown highlighted more this month's 'me-time at home'. It is time to slow down and enjoy each moment of just laying in bed, rest the body and mind of all the clutter from the outside world. Let us unbox what PB has in store for us to make our cosy days even cosier. 

Voluminasing hair mist for instant volume and style by My.New.Hair
Net wt: 100ml
UVP: 5.99 Euro

This vegan hair mist contains rice protein and quinoa. I remember hearing about how rice water makes the hair grows and repairs damages as well as with quinoa which has vitamins and minerals that nourishes the hair. Maybe it is somewhat the same trick this mist makes. It makes the hair healthier and fuller. What I like about mist is that they are easy to incorporate on the routine. Spray, spray and you are done treating your hair. The scent that they incorporated with the product is also lovable. What this product promises? Instant hair volume.

Lippenpflege Samtweich Aprikose Marula by Kneipp
Net wt: 4.7g
UVP: 4.99 Euro

Okay, so this is by far the most sustainable lip balm that I had. They made it sure that aside from the lipbalm, the overall packaging was doing its good deeds to the environment too. The cap was made of paper materials but looks like some plastic at first sight. The base was made of recyclable cork. And even the carton that holds the balm was 25% from the grass. That was well thought and impressive for this German brand. The lip balm itself has its exotic feel from the oil extracts of apricot and marula kernels. I had to search for Marula because I am not that familiar with it and found out that it has been a hit for every skincare products because of its good benefits which include hydrating and anti-ageing. This product definitely hit it plus a bonus at a good price.  

Handschaum Cosy Hands by Bilou
Net wt: 75ml
UVP: 3,85 Euro

As part of the seasonal routine, handcare is a must during this cold season. Dryness of hands is very common. Not only that, during this pandemic, all the hand disinfectants are making our hand drier than ever, so find a lovely scented and easily workable cream or foam, like this product from bilou. They´ve been with me since last year and I could only say good words and plenty of enjoaýable scents.

Face lights Palette by trend IT UP
Net wt: 10g
UVP: 4,95 Euro

It is no secret that I've been a fan of highlighting lately and every day going out or at work highlighting became part of the routine. I don't know but the instant glow it projects makes me crazy about it. Now, I got a new palette which is perfect. It has four different shades for different glow mood. I'm excited to use this!

Festive berry Shower gel by The Body Shop
Net wt: 250ml
UVP: 7.00 Euro

I know this sounds crazy but my shower gel ran out for a couple of days now and I've been using my precious travel sizes shower gels and not buying a full-size one because I've got the gut feeling I will get one soon in my beauty box and viola! I am so right and I've been waiting for this. You know what, it's like Pinkbox knows when you will run out of the past shower gels they've sent you and you will get another one in the right time. But this shower gel from The Body Shop was a little bit early for some festive vibe. However, who doesn't want a festive vibe, right? I'm on the vibe.

Jour en Rose by Câline Parfums
Net wt: 60ml
UVP: 5.95 Euro

It is a new perfume brand from the home of perfumes: France. I am totally impressed by how affordable this exciting perfume is. It has 3 variants, a floral, fresh and oriental. I got the floral with the scent of iris, rose and vanilla and I am loving it. I haven't tried the other variants but it sure interesting to try too because it is budget-friendly and we can now purchase it in leading department and drugstores here in Germany. The packaging was feminine and elegant. It wasn't hard to fall for.

Oh lastly, I almost forgot! I got my very first pink ticket on my entire Pink box history and I got a free full-sized Korean product which is Glimyu. Well, I don't have much but Korean skincare is something I look up to. They got me the All in 1 cream that is a perfect moisturizer for every skin type. I am so thrilled to use it.

I'm totally into the curation of this box. It is a win for me.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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